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Included in this package:

    1. The Fats of Life: The Role of Cholesterol in Depression, Anxiety & Suicide (Greenblatt, Jan. 2023)

    2. A Primer on Neuroinflammation & Neurodegeneration: Early Biomarkers of a Brain on Fire by Tom O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN (February 2023)

    3. From Shame and Stigma to Connection and Healing: One Physician's Journey Through Depression (Goetz)

    4. MTHFR Testing & Folate Supplementation in Functional Psychiatry (James Greenblatt, MD, and Daniel Dowd, PharmD)

    5. Neurodivergence in Clinial Practice: ADHD & Autism (Claire Sehinson, MSc)

    6. The Environmental Health Questionnaire (EHQ) (Bonnie Nedrow, ND)

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