Event Presentations

    1. Estrogen: The Hormone of Life and Female Health – Felice Gersh, MD

    2. Eating Disorders in Women: The Silent Epidemic – James Greenblatt, MD

    3. Bioidentical Hormones for Brain Health in the Menopausal Woman – Ann Hathaway, MD

    4. Integrative Medicine & Nutrition for Women with PTSD, Complex Trauma, and TBI – Leslie Korn, PhD

    5. The Intersection of Motherhood, Mental Health, and Parenting – Catrina Luca, MD

    6. GABA for Anxiety, Self-Medicating with Alcohol, and Intrusive Thoughts in Women – Trudy Scott, CN

    7. An Integrative Approach to Perinatal Depression & Anxiety - Vesna Pirec, MD

    1. Non-Medical Treatment of Female Sexual Concerns and Dysfunctions – Marianne Brandon, PhD

    2. The Future of Intimacy – Marianne Brandon, PhD

    3. Adaptogens: Adrenal Resilience for Women's Mental Health – Peter Bongiorno, ND

    4. How the Medical Community Failed an Olympian – Anita Nall-Richeson

    5. Birth Trauma: An Emerging Maternal Mental Health Problem? – Aviva Romm, MD (In Production)

    1. Estrogen (Felice Gersh, MD)

    2. Eating Disorders (James Greenblatt, MD)

    3. Bioidentical Hormones (Ann Hathaway, MD)

    4. Trauma, PTSD & TBI (Leslie Korn, PhD)

    5. Motherhood, Health & Parenting (Catrina Luca, MD)

    6. GABA for Anxiety (Trudy Scott, CN)

    7. Perinatal Depression-Anxiety (Vesna Pirec, MD, PhD)

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