Course curriculum

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    Module 1

    • Module 1: The Neurochemistry of Sleep

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    Module 2

    • Module 2: The Microbiome & Vitamin D

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    Supplemental Publications

    • The World Epidemic of Sleep Disorders Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency

    • Vitamin D Deficiency Changes the Intestinal Microbiome Reducing B Vitamin Production in the Gut

    • The Commensal Relationship of the Normal Human Colonic Microbiome

    • Vitamin D Supplementation results in Secondary Pantothenic acid Deficiency producing Sleep Disruption, Pain and Neuropathy.

    • Sleep, Vitamin D & the Microbiome

    • Oral Health: The Next Step in Sleep Dentistry: Is There Anything We Can Do For The Ones Who Don’t Have Apnea?