Course Description

Over four modules, clinicians of all specialties will become adept in identifying and assessing the biologic abnormalities—nutritional, genetic, metabolic, and environmental factors—that underlie the diagnosis of depression in numerous patients. Employing a model of functional medicine, you will learn the diagnostic tests you should be running on patients, the role key nutrients play in maintaining neurologic health, and biologic treatment protocols that can be easily incorporated into your practice.

CME Accreditation (AAFP)

This Enduring Material activity, Integrative Medicine for Depression, has been reviewed and is acceptable for up to 5.00 Prescribed credit(s) by the American Academy of Family Physicians.

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Course curriculum

    1. Overview

    2. CME Information

    3. CE Information

    1. Module 1 Biomedical Model- Part 1

    2. Module 1 Biomedical Model Part 2

    3. IM Depression Module 1 Slides with Notes

    4. IM Depression Module 1 Bibliography

    1. Module 2 Macronutrients

    2. IM Depression Module 2 Slides with Notes

    3. IM Depression Module 2 Bibliography

    1. Module 3 Micronutrients- Minerals

    2. IM Depression Module 3 Slides Notes

    3. IM Depression Module 3 Bibliography

    1. Module 4 Micronutrients- Vitamins

    2. IM Depression Module 4 Slides with Notes

    3. IM Depression Module 4 Bibliography

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